• (123) 456-7890
  • 425 Street Name, UK, London
  • Račianska 1575/78, 831 02 Bratislava, Slovakia


Donors: Helpi - $330

Sharing Center Info

Sharing Center Type: Sharing Fridge, Box, Bulletin
Sharing items: Food

Organization Info

Organization Name: Free Food
Organization Phone: +421 908 501 015
Organization Email: [email protected]
Organization Website: free-food.sk


Initiator: Free Food
Implementer: Free Food, Karol Filo
Place Owner: Nadacia Cvernovka
Maintenance: Free Food
Cleaning: Free Food
Partners: Free Food/Helpi


Community Fridge constructed in Bratislava – Cvernovka is a facility, which includes refrigerator mounted into bio boards together with shelves for storing the food which does not need to be refrigerated. It is serving a community of approximately 150 people living and working in the New Cvernovka complex in Bratislava. The project wishes to draw attention to the wasting of food by individuals and to actively address this problem by educating and using the refrigerator itself within the community. We are a civic association that seeks to reduce food waste in Bratislava. Anonymous donors, the New Cvernovka Foundation, architect Karol Filo, a restaurant that donated our refrigerator, our volunteers and members, Helpi, affiliated organizations and partner companies helped us with the project of community refrigerators.