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About Helpi

”If I kept doing nothing then nothing would have happened.”

Hi there! Nice meeting you! We’re people building, supporting, promoting & connecting Sharing Centers worldwide, where people can freely, directly and cost-free share food, clothes, books, toys, school supplies, toiletries and other goods within communities.

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Problems Worth Solving

  • Hunger and malnutrition
  • Extreme poverty
  • Lack of basic human needs resources – clothes,
    books, toys, school supplies, toiletries…
  • Food and other goods waste
  • Engagement of communities


A quick, easy to implement and efficient solution which already exists and works very successfully around the world – worldwide building and supporting Sharing Centers, where people can freely, naturally and cost-free share food, clothes, books, toys, school supplies, toiletries and other goods within communities.

Working Examples around the World

Blessing Box

Blessing Box is an initiative in the USA that builds public cubicles, where people can share various goods. 24/7 access to these is assured to everybody.

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Free Food

Identical to the idea of Helpi, Free Food focuses on installing public fridges and Sharing Boxes for people to share various goods at anytime.

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Minu Pauline

Restaurant owner Minu Pauline had lots of leftover food, so she decided to put a fridge outside so homeless people could help themselves to some food.

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Anonymous Man

Probably one of the first people to install a public fridge for the poor and who through this inspired millions of others. The man prefers to remain anonymous.

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  • Creating Sharing centers as small ecosystems, where people within communities help each other and those who have excess provide to those who have a shortage, therefore contributing to the natural balance within the community
  • Eradicating hunger and the lack of basic resources and supporting those in need by means of people helping each other
  • Empowering communities by giving people opportunity, common place and easy access to places where they can share their wealth
  • A natural, simple and efficient way to address food and other goods waste


  • Helping those in need
  • Empowering communities and strengthening community bonds and solidarity between its members
  • Embracing humanity and giving people the opportunity to share their wealth and becoming better beings
  • Reducing food and other goods waste

Our Dream

Sharing Centers becoming a common reality in every town on earth and sharing  growing into a natural and everyday aspect of everyone’s life.